For the first check-up at A & D Animal Hospital, we will ask you to bring in vaccination records. What you can expect in a first visit is a thorough overview of your pet’s health.

We perform a thorough physical examination to help us with your pet’s health profile. We examine all of your pet’s major organ systems to determine if there are any problems and to develop a baseline of health.

We will discuss any routine diagnostic testing that may benefit your pet or recommend any vaccinations that may be due.

We will also ask about your pet’s behavior, appetite, exercise habits, and regular activities at home.

Notifying us of weight gain or loss or other subtle changes will be helpful information that will help us find early signs of illness and address health issues before they progress.

We will build a relationship with you and your pet as we become better informed of your pet’s lifestyle, personality, and home environment.

We welcome your questions as it is our pleasure to address your concerns and help you formulate health considerations for your pet. We encourage you to be involved in decisions regarding your pet’s health care. The active role you take can only benefit your pet.

We will assess health risks and your pet’s health care. We can also provide you with your pet’s health certificate for traveling needs.

In-House Laboratory

Our hospital achieves an accurate and rapid diagnosis at our in-house Laboratory as our veterinarian can perform diagnostic tests on a variety of body fluids.

Our in-house lab is an excellent benefit for those requiring immediate or emergency treatment. We also have relationships with outside laboratory services, when a specialist is needed to give a full comprehensive laboratory evaluation.

Dental Care

A & D Animal Hospital will do prophylaxis, a teeth cleaning process performed under general anesthesia. Our pre-anesthetic blood testing validates whether we can perform this procedure safely on your pet.

We will perform a polish and full oral examination so each tooth’s surface (including below the gumline) will be cleaned of tartar and food buildup.

If we detect any periodontal disease at your pet’s gums, we will alert you to it and offer options to treat and minimize it.

Also we examine your pet’s teeth for fractures, cavities, excessive wear, and other abnormalities. We can administer extractions if needed.


Our highly skilled surgeon, registered veterinary technicians, and experienced support staff provided superior care before, during, and after surgery

A & D Animal Hospital hosts a radiology station and sends x-rays for review by the specialist to have returned to us the electronic report.

Our hospital features a surgical suite with an operating table and we are equipped for oxygen and transfusion. We maintain high standard by prepping and sterilizing the surgical packs in house.

A & D Animal Hospital also maintains an in-house pharmacy for your convenience.

We make pain management a top priority by giving the needed injections while in our hospital and prescription for home use, especially since pain relief can speed up the recovery. Our pain management practice includes stem cell therapy and cold laser therapy.


Significant threats to dogs and cats still are around due to infectious diseases and the outcome can be improved by vaccinating your pet against them. Mainly, do not become complacent about keeping up-to-date on pets’ vaccinations as the vaccine programs and the routine are available to you.

Core vaccines are administered to all pets, however many more vaccines are available for use in dogs and cats and possibly your circumstances may make these desirable to you. If you plan to travel with your pet, be sure to work with us before, so we can develop a plan that will ease the vaccination process.

Let us develop a vaccination schedule and ongoing booster routine that accounts for your pet’s lifestyle, overall health, risk for exposure to infectious disease, and other factors.


For the nightmare of if your pet goes missing, be proactive in microchipping, so your pet’s safe return is better controlled. It’s harmless so puppies and kittens to full-grown dogs and cats can have it done.

A microchip is placed underneath your pet’s skin between the shoulder blades and the microchip implantation takes only a few minutes. Your pet will have a unique identification within a national pet recovery database. Detection requires simply swiping a special electronic scanner and the identification number is recovered.

As a safe, simple form of identification, a microchip significantly increases the chances for your pet’s safe return.


A & D Animal Hospital will do Ovariohysterectomy and Orchiectomy meaning spaying and neutering your pet while under general anesthesia. We will perform a pre-surgery blood work and possibly EKG and x-ray too to determine whether your pet can have the surgery.

Preventive Care

Preventive services include exams, vaccinations, lab tests and screenings, research and advising in nutrition and training. Any health monitoring and counseling and education also is applied preventive care. A & D Animal Hospital provide a variety of resources to enhance your pet’s quality of life.

Routine wellness blood work and other routine diagnostic testing are important for pets. These tests allow us to evaluate your pet’s responsiveness to the current management strategies. Your pet may need a medicine regiment or may already be under treatment for a medical condition, regardless of which situation, treatment recommendations can change as a condition progresses. We can verify if medication dosages need to be adjusted or medication needs to be changed.

Another preventive care service is to create the best plan for parasite testing, treatment, and prevention for your pet. To avoid serious illness and even death in pets, avoiding ticks, fleas, and parasites should be preemptive. Our qualified staff can recommend medications to help control fleas, ticks, heartworms, and intestinal parasites, as well as a parasite testing schedule. We can discuss with you what signs to look for at home and recommend ways to control and prevent parasites in the future.